End of Life Alternative

I am here to help you navigate the end of life process – because we all have choices, right up until the day we die.

End of Life Alternative

I am here to help you navigate the end of life process – because we all have choices, right up until the day we die.

Wouldn't it be nice...

if we had documented plans in place in case we can’t speak for ourselves so our family and/or friends aren’t faced with making difficult and stressful decisions?

to know our options around death and dying?

to learn about money-saving alternatives?

to tell people what they mean to us while we still can?

or to make amends before the end?

to have a companion to help you fulfill your “bucket list” wishes?

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of planning your future, even if it is the end stage?

We celebrate birth and other significant events in our life. Now it’s time to think about celebrating our end stage as well.

I will help with almost anything else you can dream up!

"When we found out that my mom had cancer, it was the most overwhelming time of my life! Not only emotionally but all the to-do's that needed to be done. There were so many things to do that would have never occurred to me, more than I could have imagined, all the while processing and grieving my loss and being there for my dad, brother and our family and friends. Jo-Anne stood beside us every step of the way, both my mom, myself and our loved ones. Jo-Anne's compassionate heart, sensitivity and easy going nature made her very easy to talk to. She provided a shoulder to lean on when I didn't feel strong enough. She was poised and very professional when it came to serious moments, plans and difficult conversations that needed to be had. She gave the perfect balance of support and space. I really can't say enough about the impact Jo-Anne's presence and service had on my mother, myself and my family during the most challenging time we have ever had to face. Thank you, Jo-Anne."
Kari Laker
Relative of customer

Our Services

Our services are evolving. I am happy to provide you with more details during our consultation.

Advance Care Planning

A will comes into effect when you die. I can help you prepare an Advance Care Plan which which will protect you during life. An ACP is a written document stating your wishes should you become unable to speak for yourself. This will take the stress off of your loved ones and ensure your wishes are honored.

Living Legacies

I  can help create your  living legacy which is a way to record life stories, lessons, sentiments, memories, and traditions. Legacies convey what we want remaining generations to know and understand about our life experiences. They help us remember and heal as we carry on important traditions.

Celebration of Life

Wouldn’t it be nice for you to have an active part in planning your own celebration of life? I can help with putting a slide show/video together using your personally selected photographs and music. You will then have an opportunity to watch this with close family and friends while

General Errands

You may need help with everyday chores such as light house cleaning, grocery shopping, arranging for various appointments etc.

Research & Resouces

I will help develop a list of local resources you can utilize as well as research money saving alternatives with respect to funeral, burial or cremation services available.  

Conversation Facilitation

I will help organize and facilitate conversations with your family and friends so you can let them know your wishes, discuss your thoughts, desires, fears, make amends, and even forgive before it’s too late.

Bucket List Companion

No doubt there are things you wish you had time to do. There are ways I can help you  knock off some of those “ I wish I had dones…”

 – our story –

Meet Jo-Anne

My name is Jo-Anne Haun, and I am an End of Life Doula & Consultant.

The word “doula” is from a Greek term describing women who serve.

The concept of an end-of-life or “death” doula is part of an emerging trend on how to re-imagine and approach death.

We want to help you do death differently and on your own terms.

Our role is to support and assist the dying person, their families, and friends through the end of life process – in a non-medical, non-judgmental, and compassionate way.

About Jo-Anne


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