I work with a team of trained professionals, which include a registered clinical counsellor, accredited grief and loss counsellors, financial advisers, a non-denominational spiritual advisor, funeral pre-planning consultants and funeral homes.

Advance Care Planning

A will comes into effect when you die.

Advance Care Planning is making decisions about the kind of care you want should you become unable to speak for yourself.

Having your plan in place takes the stress off of your loved ones and ensures your wishes are honoured.

Our services include a personal consultation to review your existing documents, help documenting your beliefs, values and wishes, and assistance completing your care plan and your Representation Agreements.

Living Legacies

A living legacy can be created by recording your life stories, lessons, sentiments, memories, and traditions.

Legacies convey what you want remaining generations to know and understand about your life experiences. They help loved ones remember and heal long after your passing.

Celebration of Life

Talk about end of life planning

Play an active role in planning your own celebration of life.

I will help you create the slide show/video and select the music to be played at your celebration.

You will then have an opportunity to watch this with close family and friends. Relive old memories and provide a reassuring keepsake to be enjoyed and appreciated by loved ones at your celebration of life and for many years to come.

General Errands

End Of Life Alternative Planning

You may need help with everyday chores such as light housecleaning, grocery shopping, and arranging various appointments, including transportation and accompaniment to them.

I am open to discussing your various needs and will assist where I can.


Research & Resources

I will develop a list of local resources to meet your personal needs as well as research money-saving alternatives for care options or funeral, burial or cremation services.


Conversation Facilitation

Talking about your wishes and sharing your feelings will help you come to terms with your passing. We all have things that have been left unsaid, and sometimes those conversations can be uncomfortable and difficult to start. I will help organize and facilitate conversations with your family and friends, so you can let them know your wishes and discuss your thoughts, desires, and fears, make amends, and even forgive before it’s too late.

Bucket List Companion

While there is still time, let me help you complete what you can on your bucket list. There are ways I can help you knock off some of those “ I wish I had dones…”

Swedish Death Cleaning

We can help you go from this…
To this…

Whether we call it Swedish Death Cleaning, Downsizing, Decluttering or Minimizing, the objective is to free yourself and family from a lifetime of clutter while you are still alive. We will help you determine what is really important for you to keep and what would be best given away as gifts to family and friends or donations to local charities.

Doing this will provide you with the opportunity to make the later years of your life as comfortable and stress-free as possible, no matter what your age.

Your family will be eternally grateful to you for this wonderful gift.