“When we found out that my mom had cancer, it was the most overwhelming time of my life! Not only emotionally but all the to-do’s that needed to be done. There were so many things to do that would have never occurred to me, more than I could have imagined, all the while processing and grieving my loss and being there for my dad, brother and our family and friends. Jo-Anne stood beside us every step of the way, both my mom, myself and our loved ones. Jo-Anne’s compassionate heart, sensitivity and easy going nature made her very easy to talk to. She provided a shoulder to lean on when I didn’t feel strong enough. She was poised and very professional when it came to serious moments, plans and difficult conversations that needed to be had. She gave the perfect balance of support and space. I really can’t say enough about the impact Jo-Anne’s presence and service had on my mother, myself and my family during the most challenging time we have ever had to face. Thank you, Jo-Anne.”

Kari Laker
Daughter of client

“Our experience with Jo-Anne during the terminal illness of our sister, Jan was so comforting. She was there through it all with loving support and guidance in all areas. From simple tasks of helping with meals or errands to more significant tasks of final arrangements and family requests.
Her hands-on caring for our sister and ourselves was all from her heart. She was willing to do whatever she could to ease Jan’s and our lives in her last days.
Jo-Anne’s positive, uplifting presence gave us all a sense of peace and harmony, enhancing those special moments with Jan. Moments I will treasure all my days to come. Thank you so much Jo-Anne for all your selfless love and caring.”

Cathy Halsall
Sister of client

“We used Jo-Anne’s services after the passing of our Dad.  She was our feet on the ground while we were a province away.  The extra set of hands helping us sort through mountain of tasks, the shoulders we so needed to lean on and cry on, the clear head to help us make the best choices.  Most importantly, she has a heart that truly cared for us – a friend in the making.  Saying thank you is is jus too small a word.  Jo-Anne, we are so grateful for you in our life during such a difficult time.  I just can’t find the right words to show how much to you meant to us.”

Rose Chapman

When my gramma was reaching the end of her life I reached out to Jo-Anne for advice. She was gentle, kind, patient, supportive and helpful. She was reassuring when I wanted to make sure I would be doing the right things for someone I love so much and made me feel not so alone in what I was going through. Her knowledge and energy surrounding this topic make it so much easier to handle and I would recommend her services to anyone. 

Six stars and much love and appreciation for her and her gift of helping people through the most difficult part of being human.

Laura Dawn

What participants say about our workshops & programs

We are so happy to be partnering with Karen and Jo-Anne!  Both of these women are extremely compassionate and knowledgeable guides excellent at opening important conversations surrounding life and death.  We love the thoughtful and light-hearted way they have incorporated The Death Deck into their workshops and highly recommend signing up for their next event!

-Lori LoCicero & Lisa Pahl

Co-Creators:  The Death Deck

I have participated in 2 of the 4 sessions of Seriously, Let’s Talk! Death Talk Won’t Kill You.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the content, which is presented in an authentic and conversational manner.  Both Jo-Anne and Karen are truly professional and knowledgeable facilitators.

I look forward to the next 2 sessions.

Denyse Burns,

End-of -life Doula Consultant: Working with Dying People and Their Families


Our business, Kettle Valley Memorial was blessed with the opportunity to sponsor The Reality of Our Mortality Learning Circle – Death Talk.

Both Jo-Anne and Karen are extremely knowledgeable in the aspects of death and dying and approach the difficult topic with compassion and grace.

Not only do the facilitate a workshop that is greatly needed in our society but they were marketing wizards as well.  They met with us to ensure that our goals with the sponsorship were met and wet above and beyond to promote our branding/marketing wishes.

We’d highly recommend that not only people attend the ROM workshop, but also consider sponsoring an event to help promote your business to a mindful audience.


Lee Smith 

Kettle Valley Memorial

I wanted to take the time to thank you for inviting me to be a part of the Death Conversation Game Series.  I have really enjoyed the relaxed setting and the way that these serious conversations have been made a very light hearted and fun exercise. It encourages the participants to engage in conversation around death and dying and what our wishes would be. It stimulates us to think of things that we otherwise would not even have thought of. I love that part and have taken many notes. I find that the way you both interrelate with each other is a definite feeling of friendship, and you conduct the sessions in a professional and very understanding and caring way. I have been a caregiver for my parents for about 10 years now, so have had to deal with a lot of these questions with making decisions with and for them.  I of course have thought about the fact that I ‘should’ also be making a plan for myself as well. I have decided on ‘some’ things and had ‘some’ conversations with my closest person, so had started the process. However these games and questions have really brought out a greater need to commit to doing this. Especially because I have no family who will be caring for me in the future, or making these kinds of decisions. This game has also brought up the thoughts of, “Do I really want someone to make those decisions, and what would I really want for my final hurrah”.  Such good questions and thoughts for us all. I am so glad to be a part of this series, and hope to continue with more in the future.  

Cheryl Dirks

Jo-Anne Haun and Karen Hendrickson have created a discussion series on the issue of death, helping participants to navigate all aspects of this important matter as they arise before, during and after our departure from this earth. They’ve found a way to take a difficult subject and make it more than palatable by blending talking points, and quizzes with opportunities for questions and discussion. One comes away feeling educated about preparation for death and dying, and the importance of taking care of our arrangements in advance. All of this is done with a mixture of compassion and light humor, making it easier to feel comfortable asking questions and retaining the information provided. I cannot think of a kinder and more supportive way of facing our own demise and ensuring that our departure will not create a burden for our loved ones.

Bonita Kay Summers

I have been attending work-shops, presentations and Zoom events for almost a year now and am continuously amazed at how much information there is around End of Life. I started this journey to get my affairs in order. To make my decisions over my life. And to not leave it to my children to have to make choices at a difficult time in their lives.

From choosing who to appoint to look after health decisions, a Will – (who gets the good china?) Who to appoint as executor, to thinking about such things as burial or cremation, a formal church service or a true celebration of life with family and friends. Casket, crypts, ashes? What type of music? Who do you want at your side in your final days?

All of these questions and many more are discussed in a thought provoking, humorous and sensitive way.

I highly recommend:

Karen Hendrickson – End of Life Doula – take the Journey, Coaching for Success karenhendrickson@ttjourney.com 

and Jo-Anne Haun – End of Life alternatives jo-anne@eola.ca

Visit their websites and start your own journey…..

Kathleen Hatley

“Jo-Anne and Karen’s “Seriously Let’s Talk!” Death Conversation Game was a very interactive way to learn about death and dying. It not only made me think, it also brought back many pleasant memories of people whom I have lost. There was no sadness or remorse, in fact there was humor, and lots of ideas from the participants that were very helpful and useful. Jo-Anne and Karen have a great thing going on here!”

Michele Custoreri